Photo of Waldir Pimenta

Hi there.

I'm Waldir Pimenta, a Cape Verdean born in Saint Petersburg, Russia and currently living in Braga, Portugal. I am married and the father of two wonderful kids.

I'm a nerd at heart, a long-time Wikipedian and an ardent defender of unconditional basic income. My interests are all over the place, spanning open source software development, cartography, music theory, mathematics, linguistics, urban planning, alternative education models, anarchism, sci-fi, philosophy, webdev, and more. I'm an avid user of outliners and spreadsheets. Academically, I've studied computer graphics; Professionally, I've worked as a software developer and as a technical writer.

This website is my attempt to maintain a central web presence, contrasting the disjoint pieces of my digital self scattered across several online profiles. Feel free to pick your favorite of those to contact me, or simply write to